leadership in mclean county’s covid-19 response

In response to COVID-19, McLean county leaders have begun piloting new programs. Partnered with local organizations, these leaders have created a collective impact on emerging community needs.

This crisis has caused an increase in food insecurity and unemployment. Thus also leading to a need for shelter and child care assistance and other community support. United Way of McLean County and Feeding BN & Beyond, have developed initiatives and an army of volunteers to address these critical needs. 

collaborative efforts

  • 13 local organizations have developed a school food supplementation effort to feed over 500 families weekly.
    • The LeRoy, Lexington, Olympia, Ridgeview, and Unit 5 school districts have pooled resources to feed their students and families. They bought:
      • over 750 pounds of fresh produce from local farms – PrairiErth and Living Waters
      • bread and chicken broth from Meijer, Kroger, and the Midwest Food Bank
    • The Red Cross and Illinois State University provided transportation services and workspace. 
  • The United Way of McLean County, Midwest Food Bank, the Tinervan Foundation, and Eastview Christian Church have piloted a program to provide staple bags, along with meals. These staple bags are available through distribution sites at the Immigration Project and the Western Avenue Community Center.
  • Grassroots efforts between local restaurants and the McLean County Chamber of Commerce served over 35,000 meals the week of April 27th alone.
  • Midwest Food Bank and Wesley United Methodist Church provided paper products to over 400 families. To serve more families, United Way is currently accepting donations of diapers, diaper tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products.
  • A social media campaign was devised by Deanna Frautshchi donated more than 300 masks to volunteers distributing food and the people picking it up.

Moving forward, a coalition of more than 12 community organizations will work toward providing shelter assistance. This group of leaders has begun mapping out resources, organizations, financial assistance, and potential solutions to address this emerging need.

Additionally, exploratory conversations have begun to identify opportunities to aid in child care assistance and unemployment. These are crucial and interdependent emerging community needs. 

To stay up to date with COVID-19 in McLean County please visit https://www.mcleancountyil.gov/1393/COVID-19.

Infographic courtesy of the Pantagraph.