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anti-racist resources

“It is not just enough to not be racist, you must be anti-racist.” George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery were murdered by the police. Their deaths have sparked subsequent civil action and protests across the nation. The American people are calling for justice. People of color have been continually disenfranchised by this country since its inception. As a white person, it is my duty to use my privilege for good and to speak out against these atrocities. Many people have been sharing anti-racist resources in hopes to educated their peers, here are some of my favorite: Read More

disturbing the norm: american art in the twentieth century

It took over two-hundred thousand years of human history for the world’s population to reach one billion people. By 1927 it reached two billion. By 1999 it reached six billion. This rapid growth made the twentieth century a pivotal point in human history. One dominated by technological advancement, war, civil discourse, societal movements, and change. At the helm of this change was the United States of America. As a leading global power the U.S. ushered in new ways of thinking and viewing the world. Swiss artist Paul Klee once said “Art does not reproduce the visible but makes visible.” Following Read More

white by law

I recently picked up Ian Haney Lopez’s book White by Law. He illuminates issues of race in the United States and how they connect to the laws of the land. Lopez does this through thinking of the law as coercion and by examining two cases: Ozawa v. the United States and United States v. Thind. Law as coercion refers to how individuals interpret the law, primarily directing their focus to the rules and reinforcements of it. Such rules are forms of legislative enactments, judicial decisions, statutory and case law. Lopez believes that “even in these prosaic forms, law has contributed Read More

memes & their influence

The term “meme” originated from Richard Dawkins in 1976. His book, The Selfish Gene, argued that memes “are to culture what genes are to life”. Memes have since evolved from Dawkins’ original theory. The  memes we create and consume today are “Internet Memes”. Instead of mutating by random change, there is no attempt at accuracy of copying. Internet memes are intentionally altered. At the turn of the millennium, the world wide web began to take off. Computer software became accessible to all. People from around the world could connect in seconds. The early and mid-2000s brought a variety of memes, Read More

leadership in mclean county’s covid-19 response

In response to COVID-19, McLean county leaders have begun piloting new programs. Partnered with local organizations, these leaders have created a collective impact on emerging community needs. This crisis has caused an increase in food insecurity and unemployment. Thus also leading to a need for shelter and child care assistance and other community support. United Way of McLean County and Feeding BN & Beyond, have developed initiatives and an army of volunteers to address these critical needs.  collaborative efforts 13 local organizations have developed a school food supplementation effort to feed over 500 families weekly. The LeRoy, Lexington, Olympia, Ridgeview, Read More